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At ChokaBlok we started our move into chocolate with our delicious Easter eggs and now our chefs have been mixing and swirling the luxury and indulgence we put into both these and our ice creams to produce 4 hand crafted chocolate bloks and a box of mini bloks – great for sharing or keeping all to yourself!

They started with great quality ingredients and then got to work creating the kind of treats we know will have our fellow chocolate fanatics hooked. For us it's all about packing in as much as we can so you'll never have to search for the treats you love. We make sure they're there in every single gorgeous mouthful.


Which one will you choose?

rocky road dropThe Rocky Road of Love (100g)

Don’t take your eyes off the road – it’s starting to drizzle. Our chefs have loaded each milk chocolate blok by hand with enough dark chocolate hearts, crunchy shortcake biscuit balls & mini marshmallows to keep your chocolate love affair right on track. And just to finished it off, they drizzled it all over with dark chocolate.

Gold Digger Dynamite (100g)

You never have to dig deep to find our milk chocolate caramel cups or chunks of sweet honeycomb in our chunky milk and white chocolate swirled blok . Our chefs make sure each bite is packed with these little treasures, so you are always on the money.

cookie crumb dropCookie Crumb Mon-Star (100g)

Reach for the stars - in every single bite. Our chefs load every satisfying chunk of our creamy white chocolate blok by hand, with plenty of dark cookie crumbs, crunchy shortcake biscuit balls & milk chocolate stars as well as a satisfying swirl of milk chocolate.


The Chocolate Extremist (300g)

Beware - chocolate overload imminent. We’ve loaded crunchy brownie pieces, milk chocolate covered mini malty balls & a big swirl of dark chocolate to this creamy milk chocolate blok. A mouthful of treats guaranteed in every bite.

Gift Box – 12 mini bloks (140g)

gift boxSometimes someone you love deserves a real treat. That’s where this great combo of our favourite bloks comes in. Inside you get a bite-size selection of our four favourites. Each mini blok is loaded with sweet treats and soft indulgent centre. The perfect gift for someone you're really, really sweet on. Even if that person is you!

We loaded our gift box with 12 mini bloks – which will you eat first?

Gold Digger Dynamite

A gooey caramel sauce locked in a thick milk chocolate shell, studded with crunchy chunks of honeycomb and drizzled with white chocolate

The Rocky Road of Love

Milk chocolate truffle and marshmallow in a thick milk chocolate shell with crunchy shortcake balls and drizzles of dark chocolate

The Chocolate Extremist

A thick dark chocolate with a gooey chocolate caramel centre, sprinkled with mini brownie pieces and drizzles of milk chocolate

Cookie Crumb Mon-Star

Thick white chocolate filled with our creamy white truffle and packed with mini chocolate chips, milk chocolate stars and cookie crumbs

Available at selected Tesco stores - shop the ChokaBlok range on Tesco groceries >


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