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ChokaBlok is a luxury ice cream crammed with sweet treats, silky sauce and delicious extra bits, which means you'll taste a little bit of what you love in every mouthful. Our ChokaBlok chefs are fanatical about using only the very best ingredients to create each recipe - from the whole milk, full cream and free-range eggs to the crunchy, chewy, sweet combinations that get stirred and swirled into every tub. What are you waiting for? Crunchy, chewy, sticky, silky, gooey, tangy: there's a scrumptious ChokaBlok option for every ice cream lover.

Cookie Dough Mon-Star
We take the perfect combination of choc chip cookie dough chunks and our sticky caramel sauce. We then drown it in our whole milk creamy ice cream. Finally, we scoop in a batch of our real Belgian chocolate mini stars.


Billionaires Shortcake
Right on the money if you want whole milk, creamy ice cream loaded with chocolate-covered shortcake biscuit for crunch, chunks of our chewy caramel fudge for sweet stickiness and swirls of our luxurious caramel sauce.


The Chocolate Extremist
This one is for serious chocoholics. We take a batch of our creamy whole milk, real-chocolate ice cream and pack it with gooey brownie pieces and chocolate-covered mini malty balls. Finally, it gets a great glug of our delicious, rich chocolate sauce.


Cherry Bomb Brownie
Our chefs ultimate recipe for cherry chewiness. We take our creamy, whole milk cherry ice cream, add loads of cherries for chewiness, pile in gooey brownies and flakes of real chocolate, and then top it off with a big swirl of sweet cherry sauce.


Gold Digger Dynamite
Our chefs charge up whole milk, creamy caramel and vanilla ice cream with chunks of honeycomb for a sweet, crunchy blast. Next they swirl in real chocolate mini caramel cups and our silky, sweet caramel sauce. Good luck trying to keep a safe distance from this one.

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