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Apples and jam, two of the most iconic British products have finally been brought together by Clippy, the genius behind Clippy's Apples.

Where it all began
Michelle McKenna, better known as Clippy because of her love of hairclips, and her partner Paul Gorman, started making apple jam three years ago out of their tiny spare room. Made from the apples grown in their garden, the couple spotted the golden opportunity for their business when they realised that apple jam wasn't commercially available.

 "I originally got the idea for the business because we have a lovely 80-year-old apple tree in the back yard and I basically taught myself to make preserves from the apples we gathered", explains 36-year-old Clippy.

The fruity ingredients
Together with her partner Paul, Clippy began making a unique range of fruit preserves, jelly spreads, chutneys and relishes - all using British apples combined with other fruits such as blueberries, figs, rhubarb, ginger and strawberries.

All of the products in the Clippy's Apples range are crammed full of fruit making them a great accompaniment to cheese, meats and other dishes or a delicious spread on bread.

The range
The new and exciting range of Clippy's Apples preserves include, Apple Pie Conserve, Apple & Blueberry Conserve, Apple & Strawberry Conserve, Apple Rudebarb & Ginger Conserve and Apple & Figgy Diggy Conserve.

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