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Even the most finicky juice aficionado would be hard-pressed to find an upmarket juice that packs more delicate and exceptional flavour notes than ours. At Coldpress™ we pride ourselves on letting each and every one of our top-notch ingredients express their individuality in terms of their very subtle yet deliciously distinct flavours and aromas.

Unlike other juices who remain reluctant prisoners to a 1950s flash pasteurisation process that unceremoniously cooks any fruit’s hard-earned flavours, vitamins and nutritional benefits to within an inch of their lives, we prefer to let our proud, hand-picked ingredients retain their discrete yet proud regional nuances, thanks to a cold pressure process (HPP) that allows a Braeburn to still taste quite distinct from a Granny Smith, a Valencia orange to flaunt its unrivalled taste heritage and even historically more modest flavours like raspberries and lemons the freedom & confidence to tantalize your taste buds.

Coldpress™ juices contain 100% fruit and retain the taste and nutrition of fresh fruit because we don't cook them. Each 250ml bottle contains the juice of 3 apples or oranges and retains twice the antioxidants and Vitamin C of heat pasteurised juices.

The Coldpress™ range is available in 2 sizes 250ml and 750ml and are available in the following varieties at Tesco:

Valencia Orange 250ml and & 750ml
Braeburn Apple 250ml and 750ml
Apple & Raspberry 250ml and 750ml
Granny Smith 750ml
Apple & Lemon 750ml

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