Frozen Ready Meals Range


Our new range of Frozen Meals fit perfectly into your busy life with lovingly prepared home-cooked style dishes made with the best-quality ingredients.  Simply microwave or oven-cook for a fulfilling, feel-good, family-style meal, with all the flavour of home-made.


The range includes Beef Bourguignon with Gratin Potatoes made from slow-cooked tender beef, with sliced mushrooms, carrots and baby onion sauce, braised with red wine and bacon.  Our Coq au Vin with Gratin Potatoes is made according to the traditional French recipe using tender chicken breast, a rich red wine and thyme sauce and sliced mushroom, carrots and bacon. Both the Coq au Vin and Beef Bourguignon are served with crispy baked gratin potatoes in a creamy garlic sauce.

For a Mediterranean flavour, our Chicken, King Prawn & Chorizo Paella is made with Arborio rice infused with turmeric and mixed with slow cooked chicken, king prawns, lightly spiced chorizo, red peppers and peas with a Spanish smoked paprika, tomato and chilli sauce.

Traditionally risotto is known for its painstaking preparation but with our Tesco Spinach, Pancetta & Pea Risotto, there’s none of the prep and all of the creamy Italian flavour, cooked with Arborio rice with garlic, thyme, Italian smoked pancetta, leafy spinach, peas, Italian style cheese and a hint of zesty lemon.

For the ultimate stir-fry, our Tesco Sticky Chilli Beef with Lemon Rice is made with fragrant beef slow-cooked with authentic garlic, ginger and chilli sauce with a hint of lemon and soy served with spring onion, red peppers and lemony long grain rice.

Finally, our Creamy Chicken & Woodland Mushroom Pasta combines chicken breast with a creamy garlic and white wine sauce with Italian smoked pancetta, farfalle pasta, sautéed woodland mushrooms, wilted spinach and Italian style cheese.

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