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If you love creating delicious recipes that are easy to make and require just a few ingredients, then you're in luck.

Tesco have re-launched their Ingredients range which includes helpful cooking ingredients such as pastes, sauces and other essential store-cupboard items designed to make cooking quicker without sacrificing on taste.

Thanks to these convenient products, recipes that might seem complicated to cook from scratch are instantly made easier, like Persian-style jewelled rice, Jambalaya, Katsu curry and Mexican Mole (pronounced mo-lay).

Simply add water to the Katsu curry paste and serve with breaded chicken for a mildly spiced and aromatic Japanese-inspired dish.

The Tesco Ingredients range also contains many helpful short-cut products made from store-cupboard ingredients that alleviate much of the time, effort and cost associated with making recipes from scratch.

For instance, the Tesco Ingredients Thai Basil & Lemongrass paste is a fragrant concentrate made using Thai-inspired ingredients that aren't always readily available.

Try adding this paste to Thai curries and stir-fries: the concentrated paste formula delivers a delicious and intense flavour experience.

Whether it's a speedy midweek meal or a flashy weekend dinner party, Tesco has the ingredients for you.

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