New flavour variety sliced hams


Introducing our fantastic range of sliced hams, full of vibrancy and bursting with flavour at an affordable price.

See Tesco’s very first Thick Cut Cooked Sandwich Ham, also known as the ‘Manwich’. This ham is made to fit your slice of bread to perfection, so you can now fill your sandwich with just one thick slice, no mess and no faff as well as saving yourself a few pennies along the way as you’ll be using less.

Our new Tesco Honey Smoked Sandwich Ham, deliver’s a tasty blend of sweetly sugar cured ham with a smokey aroma. Why not fill inside a crusty baguette with sliced avocado, red onion, fresh tomato and Tesco Smoked Cheese Slices with a spread of mayonnaise.

The new Tesco Herb Crumbed Ham is a deliciously cured sliced meat which is coated in a combination fresh thyme and parsley herbs to deliver a tangy, nutty flavour enhancing our great quality cured ham.

Try out our tasty Tesco Southern Fried Chicken in a floury bap, with thin slices of gherkins, onion, freshly sliced tomatoes, crunchy green peppers and dollop of Dijon mustard. Add a sprinkle of crushed chilli for an extra kick.


Other products now available within this range include the delicious Tesco Sweet Cured Ham.

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