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Check out the new range of fresh pasta now available in-store, with something for the whole family – all traditionally made in Italy.

Twin Packs (2 x 300g) (Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Fusilli)
New Twin-Packs: your favourite Italian pasta, now in an innovative packaging format, allowing you to cook one pack and save the other for another meal (each pack serves 2), offering you greater portion control.  Available for Fresh Egg Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Fusilli and Penne.

New Italian Pasta range, with new shapes, inspired by Italian restaurants, for you to create some exciting new recipes.  There are six products in the range:

Free Range Egg Rigatoni – large pasta tubes, with ridges to hold your sauce. ‘Rigatoni’ gets its name for the Italian word for ‘ridges’.

Free Range Egg Linguine – long strands of pasta, this shape originates for the Liguria region of Italy and is perfect serves with fresh pesto.  ‘Linguine’ means ‘little tongues’ in Italian, referring to the shape as a flatter spaghetti.

Free Range Egg Cavatappi – twisted tubes of pasta, great for pasta bakes. 'Cavatappi’ translates as ‘corkscrew’ for which the pasta shape resembles.

Free Range Egg Conchiglioni – large pasta shells, great for stuffing or pouring over your favourite sauce, topped with cheese and then baked. ‘Conchiglioni’ comes from the Italian word for ‘mollusc’ for which the shell shape resembles.

Free Range Egg Reginette – similar to tagliatelle, but with a wavy pasta edge, perfect for holding your pasta sauce too. ‘Reginette’ originates from Naples and translates as ‘little queens’, as the pasta shape was named after the birth of Princess Mafalda in 1902.

Fresh Orrecchiette – these little disc-like pasta shapes have ridges on them to capture your sauce, with a firm bite.  Traditionally made in the Puglia region of Italy, without egg, the name translates as ‘little ears’.

Finest Fresh Potato Gnocchi
Made with fresh Italian mashed potato for a light and fluffy texture, that melts in your mouth. Great with Finest Pesto

Finest Spinach & Ricotta Rotolino
Made with fresh free range egg pasta, filled with creamy Italian ricotta and spinach.  Inspired by an Italian deli in Treviso, Northern Italy, the name ‘rotolino’ comes from the Italian ‘little roll’.

Cheddar Cheese, Garlic & Herb Tortelloni
Fresh Italian egg pasta parcels flecked with herbs and filled with Cheddar cheese garlic and herbs.

Chilli Chicken Ravioli
Fresh Italian egg pasta parcels filled with chicken, red peppers and a warm touch of chilli.

Finest Limited Edition Salmon Tortelloni
Free Range Egg large pasta parcels filled with smoked salmon, lemon, mascarpone, white wine and parsley.

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