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Explore the world of Quorn and find out how you can have all of your favourite meals a lot healthier. Forget fad diets, forget giving up or cutting out your favourite foods – just make one simple change to Quorn and eat normally!

Quorn is many things to many people.

To the food-lover it’s a simple way to make all your favourite meals healthier.

To the weight-watcher it’s a way of dramatically reducing fat and calorie intake without trying to survive on soup and salad.

To the healthy eater it’s a cholesterol-free source of protein and fibre and essential amino acids.

To the vegetarian it’s an important source of protein – without hurting a hair of any animal’s head.

To all of them it’s a way of eating less meat without reducing or giving up taste and choice.

With a £7 million investment our focus in 2012 is to drive awareness of Quorn, it’s versatility as an ingredient to make fantastic tasting food to a wide audience.  Quorn is no longer just for Vegetarians, through new product development and renovating the current range Quorn products deliver on - ‘Enjoy great tasting food every time!

An exciting new addition to the Quorn range available from the freezer ‘cook from frozen’ are Quorn Sticky BBQ Fillets and Sticky Chilli and Lime Fillets, each coated in a succulent, sticky glaze, low in fat and high in protein and full of flavour.  Offering products that fulfil a new eating occasion is key for the meat-free category.  Quorn Sticky Fillets have arrived just in time for those summer BBQs and alfresco entertaining.  Giving a healthier tasty alternative conveniently served in a foil tray for that everyone can enjoy from the BBQ.  

quorn chicken bbq fillets   quorn chicken fillets 

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