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We're a nation of food lovers who love to cook - but that's not to say that a little helping hand in the kitchen isn't a welcome addition. Step forward Tesco's Ingredient range. From classic herbs and spices to Oriental and Eastern ingredients, the fresh new look products offer time-conscious cooks flavour without the need to spend hours slaving over a stove.

What's more, with new additions to the range, the home-cook can recreate authentic flavours from around the world simply by opening a jar.

The new premium cooking pastes are guaranteed to deliver taste with every spoonful. Thai pastes include popular green and red curry as well as the more adventurous Rendang or Massaman offerings. If you're after Indian flavours, opt for the creamy coconut Goan Massala paste, or spice it up with the Madras or Rogan Josh jars (great with beef or lamb).

The fiery North African Harissa paste (complete with a touch of rose petal) is sure to wake up your taste buds and kick-start your food into life. Great mixed with yogurt for a lively dip, or spread on to fish and meat before cooking for instant flavour. The Jamaican Jerk paste is made by blending pimento peppers, mango and chillies and is ideal for adding a taste of the tropics to lots of meat dishes - sunshine food at its finest!

If Mexican is more your thing, then the Chilli con Carne paste, stuffed with chipotle chillies and dark chocolate, will add irresistible smokiness and depth to your food. If you're after flavours of sunny Spain, then the Patatas Bravas paste is for you. Coupled with a handy jar of Tesco Ingredients Roasted Garlic (also new to the range) and the Paella seasoning, you'll be serving traditional Spanish fare in no time - just remember to buy the sherry!

As well as adding new products to the Ingredients range, Tesco have been redeveloping others to maintain high standards. Tesco Ingredients Teriyaki Sauce now includes mirin, giving it better flavour and a more uniform viscosity for coating meat. The Italian Pasta Flour has also been upgraded to type ‘00', the most highly refined grade that will give you the best homemade results.

So whether it's a speedy midweek meal or a flashy weekend dinner party, Tesco has the ingredients for you.


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