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Us Brits love a good curry – but no matter how good an imitation we can manage, there’s no beating the genuine article. Aasani have come up with an exciting and authentic new range of Indian products for Tesco.

crispsDeveloped in response to demand from Asian shoppers, this new range is the real deal, so whether you’re cooking for a big family gathering, a celebration or a simple supper, choose Aasani. You’ll find traditional breads, exotic fruit juices, crisps, nuts and Kheer for now all at fantastic value.


Historically, naan bread was used as a vehicle for curries and other dishes that couldn’t be eaten in your fingers. But Aasani Naan breads are much too good just to use as a spoon! These fluffy fragrant breads are baked in a traditional tandoor oven, exactly as they do in India and Pakistan.

There are 4 varieties to choose from -

tandoori naan step imageTandoori Naan, spiced with dried red chilli, paprika, cumin and coriander.

Garlic and Chilli Naan, made with dried red chilli and garlic oil.


garlic and coriander naanMini garlic and coriander naans and the classis plain naan. Simply warm in the oven and eat immediately with curry, rice and plenty of mango chutney or on its own as a quick and tasty snack.

Also known as roti or rotli, chapattis are another variety of Indian bread that differ from Naan bread in that they contain no yeast. The word “chapatti” originates from the Tamil word “chappa” which means flattened and indeed these soft, floury flatbreads are similar to a pancake.

chapattisThe pack of eight chapattis come ready-rolled into neat circles to simply heat and eat alongside your favourite curry. Or why not try something different for lunch and substitute your normal tortilla wrap for an Aasani chapatti - for an Indian twist on a sandwich!


Indian desserts are often passed over in favour of the main act, but the new Aasani kheer is bound to grab your attention. Made with double cream and fragrant with saffron and cardamom pods, this indulgent, rich rice pudding is cooked and ready to eat so there’s no standing and stirring at the stove. Simply heat briefly and serve with sliced fresh mango and topped with crushed pistachios – or, if you just can’t wait, eat straight from the can. Irresistible!

fruit juice

And to wash it all down, why not serve one of Aasani’s fruit juices – made with real fruit puree or juice. Try these splashed into a glass of fizz for a fruity alternative to Bucks Fizz or savoured on its own.

For an authentic Indian feast, choose Aasani’s great value range of fantastic quality products.

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