From almonds to pistachios, here’s everything you need to know about nature’s most versatile kernels – in a nutshell.

1 Choose

Nuts in their shell should be free from cracks and feel heavy for their size. For shelled varieties, plump, solid kernels indicate freshness. 

2 Prep

Most nuts are sold ready-prepped, so simply choose the right type, such as flaked, blanched or chopped, for your recipe. For toasted nuts, roast or dry fry. 

3 Store

Untreated nuts, especially those in the shell, will keep well for at least 3-6 months. Some varieties, such as pecans, can be frozen, while chestnuts beneft from chilling. 

Here are some of our favourite varieties of nuts

Nuts pecansPecans This sweeter, more buttery cousin of the walnut is native to north America – home of the classic pecan pie, among other sweet treats. It’s been grown there for centuries and features heavily in the cuisine of the region. Toasting helps to bring out its rich flavour. 



Nuts almondsAlmonds When it comes to almonds, not all are created equal. Marcona almonds, which hail from south-east Spain, are often referred to as the ‘queen of almonds’ for their superior crunch and sweet flavour. They’re ideal for snacking or decorating a cake.



Nuts brazilsBrazils If we’re getting technical, Brazil nuts are more accurately described as a seed. They grow in pods at the top of very tall trees found deep in the Amazon jungle. When the pod falls to the ground, the ‘seeds’ are released. You won’t find them growing anywhere else.



Nuts walnutsWalnuts The brain-shaped walnut had people in medieval times convinced it provided a cure for headaches. Today, the ground shells are used by Nasa to provide thermal insulation for rockets. But the best way to enjoy this flavoursome, creamy nut at home is raw – as a snack on its own or with goat’s cheese. 


Nuts hazelnutsHazelnuts Sourced from Turkey and Italy, the hazelnut has a smooth brown shell, which contains a creamy round kernel with a pointed tip. It’s encased in a papery skin, which can be peeled off when roasted. A cobnut is a cultivated variety of hazelnut and is slightly larger in size. 



Nuts chestnutsChestnuts A classic Christmas nut, the chestnut’s crumbly texture and sweet flavour makes it ideal for celebratory eating, from stuffings and soups to show-stopping puds. If you do decide to roast them on an open fire, oven, or under the grill, cut a cross in the shell first to prevent them from exploding. 


Nuts pistachiosPistachios This attractive green nut with golden-purple skin is prized in the Middle East, Greece and Turkey for its distinctive flavour. Once picked, the nuts are left out in the sun to dry, which forces the shells open – providing easy snacking access. If you’re cooking with them, shell and blanch first. For an unbeatable flavour combo, try pairing them with rose water. 


Nuts make a delicious contribution to both savoury and sweet recipes. Why not try this crisp and fresh Raw sprout and walnut salad with gorgonzola? Or if you're in the mood for something sweet, these more-ish Florentines are packed with tasty nuts.

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