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Fresh living herbs are an easy, healthy way to add flavour to meals: they can transform the simplest dish into an exciting creation and there are hundreds of ways to use fresh herbs in your food. Living herbs in pots offer great value and convenience because they're always within easy reach in your kitchen.

Our British grower

Vitacress has been growing fresh living herbs in pots, on its two sites in West Sussex, since 1989. They're grown under glass, which means that we can offer fresh, British-grown herbs in pots all year round.

We pride ourselves on growing fresh and flavoursome herbs meeting high quality standards. We continually work on product improvements, such a varietal developments, to ensure premium quality, aroma and flavour of our herbs. Freshness is key, so we grow, pack and deliver to a quality standard that ensures our fresh herbs are at their best.

We're making sure that you can make the most of every meal, adding flavour to your food in an easy, healthy way.

A full range

With 11 varieties of fresh living herbs from basil to coriander, thyme to flat leaf parsley, there are plenty to choose from to add fresh, lively flavours in a snip.

We also offer a full range of cut and bunch herbs with 15 different varieties including: Thai lemon grass, lemon thyme and dill to tantalise the taste buds and help create inspirational dishes.

Grower’s Tip

To help keep your fresh pot herbs flourishing for longer, remember to give them light, drainage and water them little and often.

For more information about herbs, find out how herbs can help improve your health and how to care for your herbs. If you need inspiration for using herbs while you cook, try this delicious recipe for Coriander Red Sea Bream with Spice Rub or Mint Topped Carrot Cake.

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