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Few things are as gloriously tasty and traditional as the great British banger - but if you want to add a new dimension your fry-up, casserole or your lunchtime sandwich, Tesco Finest Sausages are the way to go. The majority are made by Walkers Midshire Foods, a large family-owned business which has nearly 200 years of expertise, and the care they take over the ingredients is the key to their quality. ‘The pork we use is all British Quality Assured, says Simon Benning, development chef at the company. ‘It's all bellies and shoulders - no trims - and the traditionally made recipes have an 85% meat content. In fact, we only take meat out to make room for other delicious ingredients - Bramley apples, fresh leeks and so on.'

While traditional British recipes are hugely popular, Simon and the team of chefs who work with him on the Finest range know the versatility of pork only too well, and continue to develop new spins on the sausage - black pudding, spicy chorizo, hickory-smoked and sweet chilli varieties. "All the sausage recipes and their unique seasonings are developed in- house,' explains Simon. ‘We don't buy in any readymade blends, but create our own bespoke flavours from natural seasonings, which allows us to make up exactly what we need to deliver the best tasting product.'

And deliver the best they certainly do; the quality of the Finest sausage range has been recognized through numerous prestigious national awards - and they recently brought home the gold from both the British Sausage Week and SuperMeat Awards 2009.

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