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tuscan lamb pie (H)

We are on hand to make sure you can enjoy tucking into wonderfully comforting stews, pies and one-pots, using all of your favourite ingredients with our automatic #RecipeWizard service.

Have you got a cupboard full of ingredients you’re not sure what to do with? Feeling uninspired and unsure what to make? We can help…

Tweet @Tesco your chosen ingredients using #RecipeWizard and we will respond automatically with one of our delicious recipes. 

Mischief-makers may get more than they bargained for too. We’ve got thousands of responses ready for your cheeky tweets.

If you still need recipe inspiration, take a look at our latest recipes.


What is the #RecipeWizard?

The #RecipeWizard is a Twitter tool designed to help you find recipes based on your favourite ingredients. Simply tweet @Tesco listing your ingredients using #RecipeWizard and we will reply with one of our delicious recipes.

How did you send me a response?

We go through our database of thousands of recipes to find you a dish that has the most of the ingredients that you listed in your tweet to us.

If you’ve tried to be mischievous and sent us something you’re not supposed to eat, then we’ll have an answer for you too…

Why didn’t I get a response?

We aim to send responses straight away, but when it’s busy it can take up to 30 minutes to get a reply. Your reply will appear in your notifications tab.

If your Twitter account is set to ‘private’ you will only receive a response if you follow @Tesco.

Because of spam and potentially malicious attacks, we can only send three replies to a single user per minute.

Only tweets sent to @Tesco using the #RecipeWizard will get a response.

Why have you sent me the wrong recipe?

Our replies are sent automatically based on the ingredients you have tweeted. We aim to send a recipe that is most suited for your needs but occasionally an unsuitable recipe might slip through the net. You can find thousands of delicious recipes here.

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