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At Tesco we are proud to use only the Finest ingredients to make our Finest range special.  Tesco Finest dry cured bacon rashers are made using a traditional dry curing method that was developed in 1824 by Richard Woodall, a bacon and sausage producer based in Waberthwaite, Cumbria. 

Over generations the Woodall Family have perfected the hand curing method that gives Tesco Finest dry cured bacon its distinctive mouth watering flavour.

Tesco Finest Richard Woodall cure bacon is hand cured using the same traditional recipe that has been used for over 100 years.  The bacon is then air dried for up to 4 weeks to produce the finest quality bacon.

Only the best British pigs reared to the highest welfare standards are used to produce Tesco Finest Richard Woodall cure bacon.

Our bacon contains no added water and has 94% meat content which sets it apart from other bacon. Try it today - experience the quality and a little piece of history.

The Woodall family started producing traditional bacon, hams and sausages in the 1800s creating recipes that have remained in the family business for over 180 years.

Back in 1824 Mrs Hannah Woodall, having being recently widowed, needed to increase her small income so came upon the idea of curing and processing the neighbouring families' pig. With the help of her eldest son Jackson, Hannah's business began to prosper laying the foundations of this very British enterprise, which is still a success almost two centuries later.

From the beginning, production took place in the back of the local village post office which also doubled up as a shop. This is still a working site today and retains most of its original Victorian shop fittings giving a glimpse into a bygone age of retailing.

Over the last two centuries, using the same recipes and techniques as their ancestors Richard Woodall has continued to produce the finest quality British pork products free from any artificial ingredients.

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