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Mushroom expert, John Dorrian, from Smithy Mushrooms, has been supplying Tesco with top quality mushrooms for the past 18 years and has over 20 years experience in mushroom farming:

‘We supply Tesco with a wide range of exotic mushrooms, including shiitake, pink and yellow oyster mushrooms and from 21st March we will be launching King Oyster mushrooms exclusively to Tesco."

Exotic varieties locally grown

It may be surprising to some that we grow such exotic mushrooms here in the UK but Smithy's mushrooms are cultivated and hand-picked in the UK at the three-acre farm in Lancashire.

"We import around 24 tonnes of oyster mushroom substrate that gets planted in upright bags. Oyster mushrooms are usually found on trees so we use upright bags to imitate the natural environment as much as possible that, coupled with the special humid conditions that we've created, allows us to produce superior quality mushrooms"

Oyster mushrooms are king

Over the years, John has seen a rise in popularity of more exotic types of mushrooms, especially with celebrity chefs now using King Oysters in a whole variety of recipes.

"The great thing about a mushroom like the King Oyster is that it can be substituted for the white mushroom in virtually every situation and gives more flavour to a dish."

Not only this, but eating mushrooms is thought to carry great health benefits. Mushrooms are rich in potassium which helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

You'll be able to find our new King Oyster mushrooms in store or online from March 21st.

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