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You can’t beat a good pie, and Tesco’s Finest Steak Pie is one of the tastiest. That’s not just our opinion (although we think it’s delicious, of course), it’s also the opinion of the judges at the British Pie Awards 2010, who gave our Finest 600g Steak Pie a gold medal.

The awards celebrate the heritage of the British pie and the craft of pie making, and take place at the home of the pie, Melton Mowbray. Over 500 different entries were submitted, with many from regional delis, butchers and other artisan producers. All of them were judged by a panel of experts, including Evening Standard food critic Charles Campion, food writer Tamasin Day-Lewis and chef Rosemary Shrager. The Finest 600g Steak Pie was one of only 23 products to be given a gold award in the Savoury Hot class.

Our Finest Steak Pie is made with selected forequarter chuck steak (a cut taken from the shoulder), from prime-quality matured Scotch beef. This is marinated in red wine and port for a few hours, before being slowly cooked with a good stock, to produce a deep, rich sauce. The meat and gravy is then encased in butter-enriched shortcrust pastry made with Davidstow Cheddar to give it extra flavour and a lovely caramelisation when cooked. And, for that extra home-cooked feel, the pastry lid is hand-crimped.

Look out for the gold-standard Finest 600g Steak Pie, with packs carrying the gold award badge, in store. 

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