Growing Strawberries

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Just like the British summer, British strawberries are long awaited for but simply glorious when they do arrive. Growing these juicy berries requires a gentle touch and Tesco works with strawberry farmers who have got the technique down to something of an art form.

The ruby-red fruits are hand-harvested in the cool of the morning before the sun's had a chance to soften the fruit. ‘On our farm, we pick the berries straight into the punnet, so they have minimal handling,' says grower Sandy Booth of The New Forest Fruit Company. ‘Only strawberries at the height of their ripeness, and therefore flavour, are picked,' he says. ‘Flavour is key, and is all in the growing. We take great care of the plants and constantly monitor the water and pH levels in order to produce the best-tasting fruit.'

Once picked, the strawberries are whisked into the cool room within an hour or two before being sent off to store, arriving within 48 hours of leaving the farm - and often even quicker than that!

Some varieties, such as Sonata, are only around at the start of summer, however late ‘ever-bearing' outdoor varieties such as Sweet Eve and Eve's Delight (which have been specially selected by Tesco growers for their superb flavour) are available into October - meaning we can enjoy the Great British Strawberry for that little bit longer.

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