Sustainable Fishing

Sustainable fishing

'The thing that makes Cornish fish so fantastic is the diversity of our waters,' explains Mark Greet, managing director of FalFish, a family business which has been trading for over 30 years. 'We buy 40 fish species from the richest waters in the UK. And there's an excellent tradition of fishing here too.'

There certainly is, and Mark and his team are currently working to create a number of new initiatives to support better and more sustainable ways of fishing. They recently developed a way to source sardines which ensures they get from sea to factory in just two to three hours.

'Sardines are fished at night, in ring nets, which is a gentler, more sustainable way of fishing. The fishermen target mature fish which arrive to us in superb condition, with the scales still intact. They are then packaged immediately. The time it takes from catching them to delivering them to the stores is around two days, which means they are as fresh as they can be when they get to fish counters.'

Sustainability is important to Falfish, who work with other local fisheries to protect the valuable waters of Cornwall and the south west. A number of fisheries are working towards the Marine Stewardship Certificate (MSC).

'Whenever you see that logo on fish you know it's been sourced sustainably and its impact on the environment has been measured,' explains Mark.


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