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Barfoots Farm, in Chichester, West Sussex, has been producing sweetcorn for Tesco since 1997. In fact it was one of the first growers to receive Tesco's Nurture Gold Standard award (which recognizes quality produce), a title it has retained ever since. Based on the south coast of England, the farm is perfectly located for producing the sweetest, juiciest corn, as Barfoots' Technical Director, Justin Creasy, explains:

"Most vegetables love the sun, however sweetcorn is one of the best harvesters of its energy - the more sun sweetcorn gets the sweeter it is. Our farm is on the south coast of England, which is the ideal geographical position for growing sweetcorn, as it is the part of the UK that enjoys the best weather, and has the longest summers. The climate is right too, as the Isle of White protects us from south westerly winds."

Combining traditional farming methods, along with the most up-to-date cropping techniques, Barfoots makes sure it gets the most out of the region's already moisture-rich soil, to create the perfect environment for the crops. Once it is picked, the sweetcorn is delivered from farm to store within 48 hours*, to make sure it is at its freshest when it arrives on shelf.

When there is less sun in the UK, the company works with its farms around the rest of the world in order to supply sweetcorn all year round.

"We literally chase the sun," says Justin. "We start the season during the winter months in Senegal, then move to Morocco in early spring, and on to Spain, Germany and France, before coming to the UK in late July, where we stay all the way through to mid-October, before heading south again."

Barfoots has also worked closely with Tesco to find the right sweetcorn for its Finest range, taste testing over 300 different varieties to get the best. Finest Tendersweet Sweetcorn has delicious, plump kernels, and is bursting with fresh sunshine flavour. Treat it simply - boil in unsalted water and top with a knob of butter - or use it in salads and soups. Alternatively try this great recipe for Sweetcorn Fritters with Avocado Salsa.

*Sweetcorn is available in selected UK stores. Subject to availability. Timings may on occasion vary due to unforeseen circumstances or events. Timings exclude Northern Ireland, Scotland and The Isle of Man.

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