Sustainable Farming

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At Tesco, we know that great quality food starts with the farmers, growers and fishermen who rear, tend to and nurture our produce.   

We want to be working with them for decades to come, so we need to ensure we have strong relationships all the way back to the farm.  Our Agriculture Team is dedicated to getting to know our farmers and growers better, so that we can understand the challenges they face and the way things can be improved for our producers and our customers.

One of the ways we are doing this is through the Tesco Sustainable Farming Groups.  Our most established group, for Dairy, has been giving farmers the confidence to invest in their businesses for over seven years.  

We want to play our part in inspiring both the next generation of farmers and a new generation of curious customers.  Through the Tesco Future Farmer Foundation we're encouraging young people to make their own start in the world of agriculture, and through our Eat Happy Project we're helping a million school children find out more about where their food comes from.

To find out more about our approach to agriculture, including how we work with farmers and our welfare standards, visit Food News

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