Single Origin Cocoa Chocolate

Single Origin Cocoa Chocolate

An indulgent treat, perfect with coffee, fine wine or simply on its own.

Chocolate perfection

Much passion and care went into creating the unique taste of each finest* chocolate bar. Our Peruvian 43% milk has lovely butterscotch, milk and caramel flavours. And, with Ecuadorian 74% dark, think floral, woody, earthy and spicy, with a coconut aroma and a hint of green tea. There are more bars in this special range, each with a unique flavour, so explore, enjoy and, if you’re feeling generous, share.

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A chocoholic’s dream

From bean to bar

It takes dedication to make our chocolate so heavenly. Our Italian chocolatiers choose only single origin cocoa beans – this means we know exactly where they come from and how they taste. The beans go through an intricate process where they’re harvested by hand, fermented and dried.
Each type of bean is roasted in its own special way to bring out its individual taste. They’re then ‘winnowed’ (shelled), ground, pressed and refined to develop the silky smoothness. The chocolate is ‘conched’ (stirred and kneaded) to develop the flavours, then moulded, packaged and sent on its way to be savoured by you.
For us, chocolate is too important to be anything other than perfect

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