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APS Salads is a company with a difference. Ever since they started 60 years ago they've been on a mission to grow and source delicious tasting tomatoes in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

They have been supplying Tesco with tomatoes for 20 years and at the moment supply us with 18 types of tomato including our Finest range Temptation tomatoes on-the-vine and our Finest range Piccolo tomatoes.

They have also recently expanded and have started go grow tomatoes near Canterbury in Kent.

Tomato power

Reinforcing their mission and their excellent environmental credentials, in 1998, they pioneered the use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy within the UK horticultural industry and they generate enough electricity to power the local village of Alderley and sell it back to the National Grid.

Carbon neutral toms

Not only this but, in another project called the Anaerobic Digestion Project, APS Salads convert waste into energy by using a machine called a "digester".

During the "digesting" process, 2,500 tonnes of veggie waste is turned into energy so that there's no solid waste left to dispose of which reduces the carbon footprint of everyone; APS Salads', Tesco's and ultimately our customers'!

Phil Pearson, who is Group Development Director at APS, said:

"Our carbon responsibilities don't stop at nursery level. We are working with both, UK and EU bodies to develop meaningful policies to deliver a step change reduction in carbon emissions for future food production."

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