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Tesco have launched a new range of fabulous home-baking products to help you make your cakes and desserts even more beautiful.

Whether you’re doing everyday baking with the kids, or making the most glamorous of creations to impress your friends, you can now decorate it to perfection.  The range includes an exciting selection of sprinkles, including popping candy, edible glitter and white pearls, and edible wafer decorations – from daisies and butterflies to Rudolph the reindeer.

For chocolatey concoctions, whether you’re making a mousse or a fondant icing, Finest cooking chocolates come in several indulgent varieties. There’s dark chocolate made with 85% cocoa solid, milk chocolate with 40% and white chocolate with 26% cocoa and Madagascan vanilla seeds. Each square of the chocolate is pre-weighted to 5g chunks, to make recipes a breeze.

The range of new cake frostings will bring impressive toppings to your cakes, in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cheesecake flavours.

To make sure your cupcakes look great from top to toe, there’s also a selection of new paper cases for children – look out for pirates and princesses, plus floral and spotty designs.

And to complete the professional look, wrap up your creations in our cupcake boxes and give them to friends.

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