The Tesco Nurture Scheme

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The Nurture Scheme:

Nurture is an exclusive independently accredited scheme to Tesco. It is dedicated to ensuring all our fruit and vegetables are grown to environmental and responsible standards.

By adhering to the Nurture standard our growers:

• Ensure we can trace all our products back to source.
• Grow and select the highest quality fruit and vegetables available.
• Demonstrate a commitment to protecting wildlife and landscape conservation.
• Encourage sustainable farming practices, such as use of energy, natural resources and recycling.
• Rational use of artificial pesticides, fertilisers and manures - they champion the use of natural methods, such as solar radiation of soils to eradicate pests.
• Ensure all their staff are treated in an responsible manner.

How does Nurture work?

Each grower is audited on an annual basis to ensure they meet the required high standard Tesco has set. No matter where in the world we source our fruit and vegetables from and who we work in partnership with we use one standard this is Nurture.

Nurture covers all aspects of farming practice, promoting the best agricultural practice in the industry. We pride ourselves on our forward thinking and the long term approach of Nurture.


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