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Everything in our Tesco Organic range is produced in a way that’s kinder to the environment.

Our fresh fruit and veg and the ingredients in our grocery products rely on traditional farming methods that encourage biodiversity, while our organic meat comes from animals reared to high welfare standards.

You’ll find it’s packed with flavour too!

Our organic farming is all about working in harmony with nature to grow fresh, tasty fruit, salads and vegetables. Bees, butterflies and ladybirds all help in organic growing, making our organic fields havens for wildlife. Healthy fertile soil is developed using compost and clover so there is no reliance on artificial fertlisers and pesticides" which means Organic is better for the planet too.

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We have recently changed our packaging to reflect the way our Organic customers view our range.  We have focused on the working with nature strapline to emphasise the positives of buying Organic.  Look out for our new look in store now!

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