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Tesco has sourced its watercress from The Watercress Company for over 30 years, as they are experts in finding the perfect conditions in which to grow the tastiest and healthiest watercress.

A century ago, The Watercress Company chose farms in Dorset and Hampshire to grow watercress because the area has crystal clear, mineral rich waters bubbling up from the natural spring as well as a mild climate - the perfect combination for growing delicious watercress.

Tom Amery at the Watercress Co says:

"Our farms are located in prime position for the watercress to enjoy the perfect growing conditions found in the mineral-rich spring waters."

Health benefits

Watercress is highly nutritious, packed with essential vitamins and minerals, with a higher amount of nutrients than many other vegetables, making it the perfect summer superfood.

Between May and October, The Watercress Company farmers in Dorset and Hampshire grow both conventional and organic watercress for Tesco, which they cut daily to ensure ultimate freshness.

Varieties of watercress

They also produce a hybrid variety of watercress which is red, it has the same peppery flavour and health benefits as green watercress, but its distinctive red colouring makes it an attractive addition to salad mixes. It also has a longer shelf life. 

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