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Eating healthily shouldn’t feel like a compromise, which is why we have created our delicious healthy living range. Whether you are on a diet or simply want to eat better and more healthily, Tesco healthy living has it covered.

More and more of us are looking for tasty, easy ways to keep ourselves healthy – whether we want to lose weight, or simply want to eat better. At Tesco we don’t think that eating healthily should mean losing out on taste or struggling with dull and bland foods.

Paying attention to food trends and what our customers want from their healthy food choices is an important part of our ongoing research. We’ve listened carefully to feedback, reviewed our ranges in-depth and re-developed hundreds of products. Replacing Tesco Light Choices and Eat Live Enjoy ranges, Tesco healthy living features over 230 new products – created especially for people who love great tasting food, but want to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. 

Healthy living isn’t just a ‘one size fits all’ range either – we’ve developed two distinctive elements to the range to help customers in their quest to live a healthier lifestyle.

healthy living big logoBig on taste, lower in calories 

Weight loss should feel easy, helpful and enjoyable – not regimented, difficult and tasteless. Our ‘big on taste, lower in calories’ products are for people who want to lose weight but still enjoy a varied, flavoursome diet; these are everyday foods which are lower in calories and fat, but without a compromise on taste. 

healthy living balanced logoBeautifully balanced 

Making positive healthier choices for life shouldn’t be a struggle for customers and their families. So we’ve also developed ‘beautifully balanced’ products in the healthy living range; a variety of delicious, balanced foods that include a mix of nutrients and plenty of flavour. 

Developed by expert nutritionists, the new healthy living range will help you manage levels of salt, sugar and fat in line with the government’s guidelines on daily amounts – also known as Reference Intakes (RI’s). From bakery goods to ready meals and yoghurts to healthy treats, there’s plenty of choice to help you enjoy healthier food at every meal. No products in the healthy living range carry a red traffic light measure, which means unless it’s a 100% natural product – for example, fruit and vegetables – you will only find green and amber traffic light measures on the front of packs. 

Each product has been carefully developed with ingredients selected for health, innovation and quality in mind. Healthy living products contain zero artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat. We’ve also used no artificial sweeteners with the exception of Stevia, a plant-based sweetener, and our bakery products all contain at least 50% wholegrains. 

Highlights from the healthy living range

Beautifully balanced Teriyaki Chicken with Brown Rice and Ponzu Sauce

One of our personal favourite dishes in the range, this meal is packed full of health benefits and Japanese inspired flavours. We marinade the chicken in soy sauce, rice wine and agave nectar, which helps keep it moist during cooking. 

Accompanying the chicken is vitamin-rich brown rice, flavoured with garlic and fresh coriander, as well as a fresh and colourful mix of shitake mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and edamame beans that make up 1 of your of 5 daily vegetable servings. The dish is accompanied by your own pot of ponzu sauce which has a delicious balance of soy sauce and honey.

Big on taste, lower in calories Beef Enchilladas

Our beef enchiladas taste as though they've come straight from Mexico! Each tortilla is filled with rich chilli beef ragu and wrapped by hand. We use a lean beef mince to ensure the dish is as low in fat as possible. Once wrapped, the enchiladas are topped with a colourful mix of roasted peppers and chunky tomato salsa. In addition to being packed with flavour, our enchiladas are perfect for anyone watching their waistline as this dish contributes 1 portion of vegetables towards your 5 a day, is low in fat and an excellent source of protein.

Big on taste, lower in calories Vegetable Biriyani

Full of fresh Indian flavours, this dish starts with cauliflower roasted in paprika, coriander and fenugreek, then is accented with red onion that’s been tumbled and roasted in cumin and garlic. The colourful rice is mixed with a hearty portion of yellow split peas and lentils for extra fibre and protein with very little fat; plus courgette, peas and red pepper that constitute 2 of your 5 veggie portions per day. The dish is topped with a tomato and onion biriyani sauce spiced with turmeric, garam masala, cardamom and bay leaves.

Whenever you see the healthy living logo you can be assured that you’ve made a healthier, tasty choice. 

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