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Whether you’re making a simple salad or a rich pasta sauce, it’s all about choosing the right tomato. The reward? Deliciously intense flavours.


Buy deeply coloured tomatoes that are firm and shiny. They should give of a sweet, woody scent. A healthy-looking stalk is another sign of freshness.

2 Store

For optimum flavour, store tomatoes at room temperature. To speed up ripening, put in a paper bag with a banana, which emits a natural ripening gas.

3 Eat

Tomatoes have good umami, a Japanese word for the savoury taste you find in parmesan and soy sauce. To intensify their flavour, try them slow-cooked.  

Mini San Marzanon

Mini San Marzano

With their rich, full-bodied flavour and natural sweetness, these meaty toms are considered the best for making tomato sauce.



Sweet vine ripenedSweet vine ripened

Having been ripened on the vine, this larger tomato is as sweet as its smaller relatives. With its intense colour, strong aroma and lots of juice, it's a great choice for sauces and stews.



Baby plumBaby plum

This finest* tomato is UK-grown and has juicy flesh and a sweet flavour. Its firm texture makes it great for packed lunches because it doesn't squash easily. 



Orange rapture

Orange rapture

As well as bringing colour to a salad, this orange variety has a similar flavour to a cherry tomato. Use it in a bruschetta topping with a mix of other tomatoes, garlic and olives.




Grown in Kent and Cheshire, this traditional British tomato can be used in almost any dish, from soups and stews to salads and sauces.



Sugar dropSugardrop

As the name suggests, this small tomato, with its pointed tip, is very sweet – perfect for a snack or salad. It's also a good variety to encourage fussy children to try.



Embrace herbs this summer and turn them into this delicious Panzanella.

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