Traditional Alcoholic Ginger Beer

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As the phenomenon for ginger beer took off over the past couple of years Tesco enlisted the help of traditional ale brewing experts, Scott and Bruce Williams, owners of Williams Bros. Brewing Co, to develop a ginger beer recipe that had that extra special something.

Company Background
The brothers began brewing traditional Scottish Heather Ale over 20 years ago in a tiny brewery where they produced only five barrels per batch - just enough to supply five pubs across Scotland.

Scott and Bruce's vision from the very beginning was to produce a truly authentic Scottish product and to this day have stuck to their guns and still use the best local products to create high quality beers with true Scottish character.

Tesco Finest Traditional Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Their biggest success story has been perfecting their recipe for Alcoholic Ginger Beer which is now part of the Tesco Finest range.

Brewed using malted barley and wheat, it has a recognisably 'beery' flavour although it contains no hops. The brothers bring out the unique flavour by mixing the malts with fresh root ginger, a twist of lemon and finishing it off with organic cane sugar.

"It’s a very adult version of an alcoholic ginger beer; it’s dry, hot and has just the right amount of sweetness. It’s the way it is supposed to taste” says Scott Williams.

Range of fine ales
The Williams Bros. Brewing Co’s range of historic Scottish ales are made from natural, local products such as heather, spruce pine, and elderflower and are available at Tesco stores nationwide.

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