Your party, made easy

There’s no reason why throwing a party should feel like hard work. Being the perfect host or hostess is all about clever planning, so that when the big night arrives, you can just tuck in and enjoy.

First thing’s first – plan your menu three weeks in advance, then go to Tesco Groceries to place your order. Tesco offers a wide range of party food, to take all the stress out of preparing for guests. There’s something for everyone, including Finest Chicken Satay Pyramids, Finest Camembert Sharing Bread, and Tesco Spanish Potato Selection. For a two-hour party, you’ll need 8 to 10 canapes per person. 

Finest 10 Chicken Satay Pyramids with Satay Dip, £4 resize     Finest Camembert Sharing Bread 570g, £4 resize  

While you’re shopping online, consider decorations, crackers and party poppers to help get guests in the party spirit. Count up your plates, cutlery and glasses and order more if necessary – plus all the cleaning materials you’ll need for a quick and easy tidy afterwards.

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget the drinks. Buy enough wine for half a bottle per person, and if you’re doing a toast with bubbly, you’ll need one bottle for every six guests. For guests who prefer soft drinks, stock up on ingredients for a few tasty non-alcoholic cocktails. Over the weeks before the party, make batches of ice cubes and store them in freezer bags.

Tesco Spanish Potato Selection 425g, £3 resize     Tesco 12 Mexican Mini Tortillas, £3 resize  

With two days to go, pop into your local Tesco for anything else you need. Check you have space in your fridge (or ask a neighbour if you can borrow theirs) and remember you’ll need to lower the fridge temperature if it’s very full, to keep the food at 0-5°C.

On the morning of the big event, make punches and cocktails in jugs, and pop drinks that need chilling into the fridge. Set aside a place for guests to stack used dishes, and put a bin next to it for easy rubbish disposal.

Finest 6 Prawn Shots resize    Finest 12 Red Thai Chicken Curry Cakes, £4 resize

An hour or two before your guests’ arrival, set the scene with some festive music. Put crisps, nuts, chocolates and other goodies in bowls and arrange them around the room. Set out your cutlery and plates, and put out cool food on serving dishes to store in the fridge until needed. For warm food, pop your serving plates in the oven 10 minutes before it’s time to eat.

And with everything falling into place, all that’s left to do now is welcome your guests, grab a drink and have fun.

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Your party, made easy

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