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Video guide to cake decorating

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm going to show you how easy it is to decorate an iced cake. Whether it's a shop-bought iced cake or one you've iced yourself there are lots of techniques you can do to make the cake look really professional and really pretty. 

Coloured sprinkles, writing icing and sugar paste

Brightly coloured cake sprinkles always look lovely on a cake; you can also use writing icing to personalise the cake, maybe write someone's name. Cookie cutters are brilliant to use with sugar paste, you don't have to use cookie cutters, you can use things from around the home, such as this glass or an egg cup, I've used that many times, or even a bottle top, that works brilliantly.

Decorating celebration cakes and fairy cakes

It's not just large celebration cakes you can decorate, you can also take a small fairy cake like this one and cover it with icing and different decorations and it looks fantastic. This rose is handmade and looks really good and I'm going to show you exactly how to make that. 

How to make a handmade rose

What you need is some sugar paste; I'm going to use the pink sugar paste. Give it a bit of a knead just to liven it up and it gets rid of any cracks that may appear. Just going to use a bit of icing sugar, so it doesn't stick, and I'm going to take four balls roughly the same size and with my first ball, I'm going to squish it down and make a disc and then carefully roll it from once side to the other and that's the centre of my rose.

Take your second ball, squish it down, line it up wrap it round and fan it out and that's your first petal. To create another petal for the opposite side, take a ball squish it down, wrap it round and fan it out. So with my last ball, it's the same process, place it around, wrap it and fan it out. If you get a little bit extra on the bottom, all you need to do is just roll it in your fingers and it'll eventually just come away. And there you have a really pretty rose that you can sit in the middle of your cake.

How to decorate a celebration cake

Now I'm going to show you how to decorate a celebration cake with some cut-out shapes and I'm going to use balloons. I've got my sugar paste here and I'm going to use my rolling pin to roll it out. You don't want it too thick; round about the size of a £1 coin should be perfect. Using my egg cup, I'm going to cut out the shapes, remove the excess sugar paste and I'm going to cut a little crescent into one of my balloons. And with a palette knife, I'm going to carefully place it onto my cake and then my second balloon.

I've got some shapes that I've already cut out, which I'm going to add, starting with my yellow and it slots in perfectly into the crescent that I made. I'm going to use some writing icing to create some ribbon. I'm going to add in my other shapes; I've got the green which has two crescents cut out and then my lovely purple and another yellow. I'm going to add my final ribbons and for my final piece of ribbon on my escaped balloon.

Making edible glue to stick decorations

In this bowl, I've got some icing sugar and water which I've mixed together to create a glue because I think it'll be nice if I have some butterflies flying in the sky next to my balloons. So I'm using a paintbrush and I'm just going to paint a little bit on the back of the butterfly and then put that there, I think. And a nice yellow one will look great, so pretty and a white one. Maybe a few down here will look lovely as well.

Adding final touches

For my final piece of decoration for the cake, I'm going to place some beautiful ribbon around the edge and I can use a little bit of my glue for the ribbon to stick.

There you go, a few simple ideas for how to decorate an iced cake.

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