Cook the green way

There are lots of ways you can quickly and easily reduce how much energy you use in the kitchen. Our tips on how to cook the green way will save you time and money, while also benefiting the environment.

Cut up your veg
Your five-a-day will cook faster in smaller pieces.

Plan ahead
Take food out of the fridge an hour before cooking so it can reach room temperature - you'll need to cook it for less time.

Stock up on ceramic
Dishes made from ceramic or glass help shorten cooking time because the heat will diffuse more efficiently.

Get a head start
Boil cooking water in a kettle before it goes in the pan.

Use the smallest ring on the hob
Size is everything and using the smallest ring on full power will guzzle up less gas than using the largest on low.

Cover up pans
Popping a lid on a boiling pan will help your food cook faster - that means less energy spent cooking.

Only cook what you need
Measure out the right portions of pasta and rice. A mug filled with rice feeds four adults.

Make breadcrumbs
Whizz up stale bread, add herbs and spices and then use as a coating for chicken and fish.

Make stock
You can use up chicken bones to make useful and delicious stock, reducing waste.

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