Farming Trout in Scotland


Sean Lydon: We farm Rainbow Trout here in Loch Etive and also in our freshwater lochs across Scotland. Dawn Fresh have been supplying Tesco for 20 years. It's a two year process from once we get the fish in, at 300g, to once we take them out to market size, between four, six, seven kilos - this size.

Johnny Pollock: We buy eggs in just about 10 days prior to hatching. Once they hatch, the fry will swim up; after about 30 days we'll go on to first feed. Then take about another 38 weeks and we'll transfer to our loch sites. The water for the hatchery is supplied from the river Devon; we filter the water as it enters the hatchery, we again filter it after it leaves and reintroduce oxygen so that it goes back out the same as it came in.

Sean Lydon: Every day we need to feed the fish, nurture them and examine the environment that they grow in. We need to ensure that the nets are clean, ensure that there's good flow of oxygen through, that the fish are growing well. The fresh water that flows in from River Etive, Inverliver River and the Kinglass. It gives a low salinity and with the high-oxygenated water from the fast currents, we get a beautiful fish. From where our harvesting commences in Loch Etive to the fish ending up in the store in Tesco is a journey of two to three days. Large trout is a very healthy fish to eat. I like to fillet my trout, cook it in the oven with butter and lemon. 

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