finest* Aberdeen Angus steak

What goes into making a Tesco finest* Aberdeen Angus steak? Cattle farmers, the Dunn family, reveal the dedication, passion and decades of expertise requried to make the perfect cut.

Leslie: It's in your blood from the day we were born, both of us, and it's been passed on to Lowry as well; hopefully it'll kick on a few more generations after that. It's a good part of the country to produce fine Aberdeen Angus beef; it's an early spring and you graze quite late into the autumn and you have a good period of time to produce. Whenever I come out in the morning they can hear the door opening, their ears prick up and up the field they come for their bite of barley and they're happy and content. They need the care, the same care as a human being does because you have no end produce if you don't do it from day one.

Lowry: Also you get attached to the animals, you do. You know the cows and you know the calves and we like to just...

Leslie: Give our best detail to them all and turn out a prime animal that you'll see in your plate and you'll enjoy it when you taste it.

Eamon: The cattle have come in from the farm, the meat has been aged for 28 days and now it's my job to give you a beautiful piece of meat. We've removed the whole shell and you're now left with an internal piece of meat with the full shell removed and, as you can see, it's completely tender; beautiful piece of meat, an absolutely beautiful piece of meat.

Leslie: Like any job, if you're dedicated to it, you do get a great reward out of it and satisfaction and feeling you've done the best for your animals. Everybody's happy and there's good beef at the end of the day.

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