finest* grissini rubata olive breadsticks

Find out about the Mosca family who produce authentic Italian Tesco finest* grissini breadsticks, the family business and the quality ingredients used to create their delicious savoury and sweet treats.

Carlo Mosca: Well, we started our business in 1990. I was by myself in the beginning as Marco was still too young and then he joined us as soon as he finished his studies to help us push the business forward. I feel really proud of my son; he has an outlook now. He has taken hold of the reins of our business and this means a lot to me.

For me, the white art is everything. First of all because of the flour, you can create, together with other ingredients, sweet and sour products. You can create products for everyone; young and adults because the young need to keep growing and the adults need to keep enjoying life.

It's absolutely true; for us it's a way of creating something special for other people, always creating an excellent product. All this because we have flour in our blood.

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