Greener kitchen appliances

As the energy hotspot in every home, the kitchen is the first room to target. Use our tips to make your kitchen as green as can be

Keep your oven door clean
Sparkling glass lets you check on your food without opening the door and wasting precious heat.

Make your freezer energy-efficient
Defrost it regularly to keep it running at maximum efficiency. Pack it three-quarters full (with newspaper if needs be), so you don't waste energy cooling air that floods out when you open the door.

Make your fridge energy-efficient
To save money each year try to ensure the fridge is three quarters full, closing the door as quickly as you can and defrosting regularly. 

Turn off your dishwasher before the drying cycle ends
Dishes will dry in the heat inside.

Make a swap
Use the toaster instead of the grill, and a clothes airer instead of a tumble dryer, to reduce your energy usage.

Buy right
When it's time for a new appliance, choose and energy-efficient one.

Descale the kettle
Dirty kettles will have to work harder and use more energy to boil. And only boil what you need - the energy saved gives you up to £10 extra a year to spend on teabags!

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