Growing apples for Tesco


Hi, I'm James Simpson and I'm a fruit grower for Tesco. I'm here in one of our Gala orchards at Parsonage Farm in Kent.

British apples are some of the best in the world. The eating quality that we can produce in the UK would rival the very best anywhere and some would argue is the best. The combination of our weather; the right levels of sunlight and rainfall, mean that particularly Gala is some of the best flavour you'll be able to buy.

The farm's been producing apples for many years. What you see here is a modern orchard where the trees are smaller, planted closer together, and that's an evolution of the process so that we can get better quality fruit for Tesco. Growing fruit on a smaller tree and growing it closer to the tree is better for the apple.

It's very important to our business to understand completely what the consumer wants and we have to do that through a process of discussion with the technical department in Tesco to ensure that what we're producing is what our customer, their customer requires.

I think one of the key differences that we have as a grower is our focus on quality. Apples is something, it gets under your skin. I think there's a great deal of passion within Tesco itself for fresh produce and our staff are equally as passionate.

When somebody grows an apple and starts in the middle of winter with pruning and then sees it come through the season to where we are now, literally at harvest, you have a real desire to make sure that the quality is right. We can deliver the best looking, the best eating quality apples of anywhere in the world and, yes, we are proud when we manage to do that for Tesco.

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