How to accurately measure ingredients

When it comes to cooking, especially baking, it's really important that you measure ingredients accurately and there's a few things you're going to need: scales, measuring spoons and jugs.

OK, so let's talk about scales. Now here I've got the more traditional scale; it's got the dial on the front which measures, visually, in pounds and kilograms. You've got the little wheel up here which calibrates to zero; it's a good idea to check that each time you use it. It's got a small tray above it so if you need to measure large quantities you're going to have to do it in smaller batches.

And here we've got the digital scales and these are good because they've got a nice flat surface, you can put a pan directly on them, and if you're going to weigh out something that needs to go directly into the pan, like syrup or treacle for example, you can put it straight in without losing half of it in a measuring jug. It's also got a very clear display and therefore it can be that much more accurate when you're looking at it.

OK, so from there, measuring cups. Now, if a recipe calls for cups, this is what you want to use; they range from one cup down to a quarter and they'll measure wet and dry ingredients.

Now, measuring spoons. Personally, I think measuring spoons are an essential in kitchens. Everyone's got drawers full of spoons at home; dessert spoons, teaspoons, tablespoons, but each one kind of varies so if you've got measuring spoons you know you can be accurate every time. If you take a teaspoon, for example, if you wanted a heaped teaspoon, that'll be somewhere like that and a rounded teaspoon is pretty much equal top to bottom, so that's rounded. And then if you want a level teaspoon, that's what you do.

And finally, measuring jugs. Make sure they're flat on the surface, then you need to get down at eye level and measure things so you're directly in line with the measurement. If you're looking above or you're looking below, you're going to get a slightly different reading.

So there you go, the secret to success in the kitchen is being organised and paying attention to detail and accurately measuring ingredients is a really good place to start.

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