How to cook pasta

Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes from penne to fusili to linguine to spaghetti, there's a whole array out there. Each one's got a sort of distinct taste and texture and you need to buy some really good quality stuff so you get the best out of it and I'm going to show you how to cook pasta and get great results every time.

Now, in terms of quantity of pasta, that is 80g and that is about the size of a pound coin and that will feed one person. So let's put the pasta on and here we've got a big pot of rapidly boiling water; for two people you're going to need about two litres of water so it's a lot more water to pasta. It sounds a lot but that's really necessary to get that pasta kind of moving in the water.

So then add some salt and then the pasta. Eventually, you can do this by feel but that's around two portions. So in with the pasta and it's just going to sit against the side so just move it gently as it bends and becomes more flexible in the heat. Once the pasta goes in, you don't want to keep moving it but just stir it once or twice just to stop the whole thing sticking together.

That's it, now I put the lid back now. So now we're going to cook this as per the packet instructions; this is linguine and it's going to take roughly about 10 minutes. So we're going to remove the lid to stop the water from boiling over and then let it continue to cook.

So it's a good idea at this stage to put a timer on and set it about a minute before the suggested cooking time for the pasta.

Okay, so the pasta is nearly cooked. The best way is try a small piece. Mm, it should have a little bite, or be al dente, as the Italians say. So that's it, that's good. Turn off the heat, pour it into a colander and do it quite quickly because it's a really good idea to keep some of that pasta cooking water; this is ideal to add to the pasta sauce.

Okay, this is ready, serve it immediately with your favourite pasta sauce. And that is how you cook pasta.

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