How to debone a rib of beef

Video guide to deboning a rib of beef

Hi, I'm Sally and I've got a rib of beef here and I'm going to show you how to debone it, just in case you fancy an alternative to turkey this Christmas.

Slowly cut the joint

This is a good size which will serve at least six people, and I can tell that by the ribs that you've got down here. This has got three rib bones and usually, each rib bone, the meat behind it will serve two people. So we know this is a good size.

If I turn this over. What's really important here, even if you've never done it before, is that you take your time, you take it slowly and you have a very sharp knife, that's why it's important that you go slowly.

I'm going to start at the thick side and then work down to the thinner side. You're not going to waste this because you can still roast the bone in the oven beside it if you want to. But this gives you the opportunity to roll this up and put lots of gorgeous stuffings inside and make it just delicious, especially for Christmas time.

Feel the bone with the knife

So I'm going to start now. You can feel with your fingers where the bone is. If I just follow it all the way up and I can feel the edge of the bone is here. I'm going to move my fingers out of the way and then just start slicing along the top. What you then need to do is feel the bone with the tip of your knife. Make sure you use a really, really sharp knife but also a slightly flexible one is good because it allows you to move along with the bone. Take it nice and steady, and I'm going to just keep feeling with my fingers where the bone is.

Now just under here, I can feel the lip of the bone, where it starts to go down. So it's really important, at this point, we don't want to waste any of the beef so I'm going to use the tip of the knife and just go right close, close to the bone. If there's a little bit of the meat left on, don't worry because, as I say, you can roast it or boil it up for stock.

Now if I turn it this way, you'll be able to see that I've started to make a nice inroad along the bone and what I now need to do is stay as close to the bone as possible and just gently slice down and pull the meat away from the bone.

How to make a rolled rib of beef

Steady and gently. There are so many flavours you can add into this, if you're doing a rolled rib of beef. This really is the king of joints. Now, we're nearly down to the bottom, just be careful that you're still not wasting any. This bit has actually fallen away sooner so I'm going to use that as my little inroad there. Make sure I've got all of this off.  It's as easy as that. There is a little bit of meat left on there but that can be roasted alongside this.

So that's all the bone taken off, just make sure you haven't left any pieces. If you're adding stuffing, you can add that in and then you're just going to roll this around and you need to hold this in place. So before I start with the string, let me just move the knife out of the way.

Now, don't worry about doing butchers' knots or anything fancy, just simply pull it all together nicely. You may have added a stuffing into the middle of yours, but I'm just doing a really simple roast rib of beef here. So that's one. I think this probably needs three to hold it all together. And then when it's done, this is going to go into a pre-heated oven and roast away.

So there we are, that's good and tight, just trim the ends off, watching your fingers of course. And there we have it, a deboned rib of beef.

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