How to fillet a round fish

So I'm going to show you how to fillet and pin bone fish. I've got two different types here; a round fish and a flat fish.

So a nice tip to start with is just wipe your fish dry so it doesn't move around on the board too much, like so. And then onto the board, take a good sharp flexible knife and go in behind the gills, down to the spine, just behind the head, OK? And that's the first cut. So then move the fish around, follow down through the flesh, down to the spine. Very, very gently ease the flesh away from the bone, just use the very tip of the knife.

Now, the bone has got a slight rise in it on the spine; go over the top of that only with the very end of the knife, cut through. When you get to the belly bones just cut through like so and that should make it a lot easier to get the fillet off and sort that out.

That's the first fillet, that's ready to be trimmed. Right, we're now going to turn the fish over but it's slightly different, you want to start from the tail and then work towards the head, just makes life a lot easier. So slice through the tail, again down to the spine. Follow the tip of the knife around the top of the fish. Just very carefully repeat what you did. Just ease the flesh off the bone. So slit behind the head as before, cut through those belly bones and then nice big sweeping actions down through the base of the fish.

OK and that's your second fillet and now we're good to trim them up and make them look tidy. OK, so very gentle trimming all along the edge just to neaten the appearance of the fish, that's all you're doing. Take a little bit of the belly off here.

OK, so, take your clean pliers, just carefully pull those bones away from the belly. And obviously repeat the process for the other fillet.

OK, so that's our fillets pin boned and ready to go. One little trick that's good to know is if you turn your fish over, skin side up, and take your heavy cook's knife and just run just the edge of the knife through the skin like so. Just equal spacing so when you cook it the heat from the pan will get through the fish much quicker. And it also prevents it from curling up because when you've got very fresh fish, the whole thing wants to be taut and that will prevent that.

So that's our little fillets done. In this state they're going to take no more than about two to three minutes to cook all the way through. So obviously now go and wash your hands but here are our lovely fillets of fish ready to cook. That is how you fillet and pin bone fish.

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