How to get the griddle effect


Video guide to get the griddle effect

A really attractive way to serve your barbecue food is to get the lovely criss-cross lines that we associate with grilled food. This is really easy to do.

All you're going to need is a griddle pan, like I've got here, and you can tell a griddle pan by the ridges and it's these ridges that'll give you the criss-cross pattern that we're looking for.

Create a very hot barbecue

Now, all you need to do is get the barbecue really hot, pop your griddle pan on top and let it heat up so it gets very, very hot. Now you can use the stainless steel grid on your barbecue but it's the cast iron that will give you a much better effect.

Add food at an angle

Right, I've got a lovely juicy steak here with some olive oil and salt and pepper on. I'm just going to pop it onto the barbecue with my tongs and what you need to do is put it on at an angle, like this.

So this has had a couple of minutes and what I'm going to do is turn it at a 45 degree angle to get the diamond shape that we're looking for. Very carefully lift it up, place it down and then again, just leave it for a couple of minutes before we flip it over.

Turn it over

Right, this is ready now so I'm going to turn it over and we'll see the lovely criss-cross pattern. Look at that, that is beautiful, perfect. What I've done is I've actually moved it to the other side, so this side's much, much hotter than that side, so we're going to get the same criss-cross pattern straight away.

I'm going to turn this as well so we get the 45 degree angle here, so very carefully just pick it up, turn it round, pop it down and let that finish cooking so we get the crosses on both sides. It's going to be beautiful.

For me, this is perfectly done, but if you're cooking something like chicken which might need a little bit longer, what you can do is just move it onto the slightly cooler side to just finish cooking. But let's get this off, it's ready.

What you can also griddle

I'm going to pop it onto a plate and let it rest, beautiful, look at that. And this works with anything, you could use aubergines, any kind of vegetable as well, beautiful criss-cross pattern. You can also do fish, you can just pop it onto the griddle and turn it both ways to get the same effect. Or you can use a specific fish griddle and what this does is hold the fish together while you're cooking it. Pop the fish in, put it straight onto the barbecue grill and turn it halfway, perfect.

So there you go, using a griddle pan's a simple way to get great-looking food to impress your friends and family this summer.

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