How to make candied peel

Video guide to candied peel

Hi, I'm Jo and I'm going to show you how to make candied peel.

Now, this is a really colourful and edible decoration to use on Christmas cakes, desserts or puddings over the whole festive season.

Peel the zest of citrus fruits

Now, to do this, you just need to take your citrus fruits, I've got some oranges, lime and lemon, and then just peel the zest. Now, what you want to make sure you don't get is any of the white pith. Let's just add these ones to the plate with the lemon and the lime.

Then you want to take these and put them in a pan of boiling water. Once the water's returned to the boil, turn down the heat so it's just at a simmer and cook for eight to 10 minutes.

So the zest is now cooked and we can strain it into the sink. And the sit the pan back on the hob and add 100g of caster sugar and four tablespoons of water. Now pop on the heat and then bring this to the boil.

Cook with sugar syrup until golden

So the sugar syrup is now boiling and I can return the zest back to the pan and cook this for 10 to 12 minutes, until it's nice and golden and caramelised and really sticky and syrupy. So just stir to coat and then leave to simmer away.

So these have now had 10 minutes and they're ready to be removed from the heat. And then take a baking tray and just lightly oil with a little bit of olive or vegetable oil. And then remove these from your pan, either with a pair of tongs or a spoon and just sit individually along the top of your baking tray, spacing them a little bit apart so they've got a little bit of area to dry separately and they don't stick together.

Once you've spread all of these out onto the tray, set aside and leave to cool, ideally overnight. And then you have delicious candied peel, the perfect decoration for any festive dessert or sweet treat.

And that's how you make candied peel.

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