How to make caramel

Video guide to how to make caramel

Hello, I'm Ravinder and I'm going to show you how to make caramel.

Ingredients for caramel

I've got 150g of caster sugar here and 50ml of water. Switch my gas on and always work at a low temperature with sugar, because you don't want it to burn quickly, you just want it to melt and dissolve slowly.

Slowly dissolve the sugar

So I'm going to put this in and the water too. And that is going in the pan and you just slowly circle it, dissolving all the sugar with the water and this will take some time now to dissolve and start to melt. Some people do stir their sugar but if you do that, there's a risk that the sugar will crystallise. You want nice clear caramel here, you don't want to disturb it.

So swirling it slowly like this just helps to dissolve it evenly. After about five minutes, you'll really start to see the sugar bubbling and you should be able to smell that caramelisation. I'm just going to continue swirling it.

Test to see if your caramel is ready

You're looking for colour here. What you need to get to is a really beautiful deep amber colour. Anything over that and your caramel will be burnt. If you want absolute precision, just pick up your thermometer, pop it into your caramel and when its reached 170 degrees centigrade, you know it's completely done.

I'm going to switch off, I'm going to bring my tray over, which I've oiled, and I'm just going to pour my caramel. You can see that, how beautiful it is. You can use this caramel now for the bottom of a crème caramel, or you could put some chopped nuts in it, let it set, smash it up and turn it into praline. It's just delicious.

And that's how you make caramel.

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