How to make chocolate Easter nests

Video guide to chocolate Easter nests

Hi, I'm going to show you how to make a really easy Easter treat; Easter nests. This is such a simple recipe and it's a great one that the kids will love getting involved in.

Ingredients for Easter nests

So the ingredients we need are 170g of wheat biscuits, 250g of milk chocolate, 50g of butter, three tablespoons of golden syrup, three teaspoons of cocoa powder and some miniature chocolate eggs.

The first thing we need to do is crush up our wheat biscuits. You could use cornflakes or crisped rice for this instead of wheat biscuits, but I think these look the most nest like. So we just need to crush those up they're nice and fine.

Melt the chocolate

Now we need to do the chocolate. I'm just going to break it up into cubes, like this. And then we need to just melt it over a pan of barely simmering water. It's important not to let it get too hot because it can separate. So we're just going to pop the butter in and just allow it to melt, and keep stirring it. I'm just going to add the cocoa as well, but we'll do the syrup when it's melted. So just keep stirring it, it'll take about five minutes to melt down.

That's pretty much melted, I'm going to take it off so it doesn't get too hot and then we're going to add three tablespoons of golden syrup. Now, a good tip is to use a nice hot spoon to add the syrup because it slides off a bit easier, less mess and less waste. So it's three spoons and then you just need to stir that through. Make a lovely glossy sauce.

Stir through the wheat biscuits

So then I'm going to stir that through the wheat biscuits. The good thing about the syrup is it gives it a lovely toffee-ish texture. And then we just need to stir it through. It takes a bit of mixing to get it all together. Of course, if you're doing this with kids, you can get them to get their hands in and mix it, and they'll love that. Just check the chocolate's not too hot to start with.

Spoon into cupcases

Right, so what we're going to do now is fill up our nests. It's easiest to do this with a couple of spoons. Just get it nice and full. So that's nice and full and ready to decorate them. This is the bit that the kids really love doing. I'm using little miniature eggs here but you could of course use little baby chicks or sprinkles or chocolate buttons. That's the first one done, now I need to do the rest.

I'm using silicon cupcake cases, because they're reusable and they're also a lovely vibrant colour, but you could use paper cases instead.

Perfect for Easter or parties

These are for Easter but they'd also be great for kids' parties as well, it's the sort of thing kids really love making, getting involved.

So there we are, they're all done. There's a tiny bit of mixture left in the bowl, but that's chef's perks. So now we need to put them aside for about 30 minutes so they set and then they'll be ready to eat.

So there you go, Easter nests, a lovely chocolaty treat the kids are going to love.

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