How to make edible gift biscuits

Video guide to edible gift biscuits

Cutting out your edible gift biscuits

Megan and I are going to show you how to make stained glass biscuits. They’re the perfect thing to do with children and ideal to give as little gifts to family and friends or to hang on your Christmas tree. So all you need to do is make the dough and the recipe is on the website. So you just roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface

Megan: Is that thick enough?

It should be like the thickness of a pound coin. I think that’s perfect. I think you can start cutting out now. Choose a cutter.

Megan: I’m going to use a star one. So what do I do after I’ve printed it?

Okay so you push it down into the dough like that and then you pull the cutter out, that’s right. And then you get the pallet knife and you might want to just go underneath the dough, like so, ahh you’re a natural, and you put that onto a lined baking sheet. Do you want to do another one?

Megan: Okay I’m going to do the bell this time.

I’m going to do a Christmas tree. Now I’m catching you up. Okay, there we go. So then what you want to do is take a straw and we’re going to make a hole in the top of each little cut out there. Now if it’s the bell you want to make sure it’s in the top of the bell.

Megan: Is that good?

Yes that’s perfect because we’re going to put a ribbon through that so you can hang that on a Christmas tree or on a window. And then what you want to do is use this little cutter and cut the middle section out.

Megan: Like that?

Yes that’s perfect, brilliant. And then let me take the centre out of there for you and then do the same again with those other two.

Adding sweets and baking your edible gift biscuits

So then we’re going to fill them with boiled sweets. What we’ve done is put these between two bits of baking paper and then we’ve just hit it with a rolling pin or a hard implement and then we’re going to put them in the centre so just grab a hand full and put them in there.

Megan: How much of these?

Use quite a lot, so it’s piled in there, because when they heat up they all dissolve into the biscuit itself and the biscuit comes up around them. That is perfect. Then you just pop those into a 180 degree fan oven for 10 to 12 minutes until they’re lovely and golden brown but don’t pick them up until they’re cool because they’ve got that hot sugar in them. And they’ll look like this, which is going to clear down, and then we’ll show you how to finish them off in a minute.

How to decorate your edible gift biscuits

So we’re just going to decorate these biscuits now, so you see this little hole, we’re going to pop a little bit of ribbon through there, so I’m just going to get a length.

Megan: Hey can you see me?

Oh yeah, can you see me?

Megan: Yeah.

Okay, what you want to do is take the ribbon and pass it through.

Megan: How do I tie the knot?

Okay, so you bring it up to the same level and then what you do is wrap it round your finger and then you pull the ribbon through, can you see the other bit?

Megan: Yeah.
There you go, pull it up, okay.

Megan: You did it.

Perfect and then you can hang that on anything like a branch or a Christmas tree. Then we’re going to make a present. So I’ve just got a bit of cellophane here, move that to one side, so we’ll just put those into the middle like that. And we’ll just make a gift, maybe for your teacher for Christmas…

Megan: Yes, or my friends.

Then what we do is gather up the corners, like so, and then we’re going to grab round the bottom and twist, and if you can hold it, just in the middle there, and again another length of ribbon, we’ll just go for green this time, so if you hold that still, that’s great, it takes two people to do this, and then we’ll just tie it into a pretty bow at the front and there you go.

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