How to make fondant ruffles

More and more people are enjoying getting creative when it comes to home baking and some skills are really useful. Fondant ruffles are a great way of making any cake look impressive. You will need certain tools including a fondant rolling pin, a smooth board, a garret frill cutter - now you could use a fluted pastry cutter but the edges are not quite as defined but they'll still do a good job. And you'll also need a modelling tool and, as you can see, it's slightly tapered and will give your frills a lovely edge.
You'll also need fondant icing; you can buy white icing or there are loads of colours available. The great thing about buying a white fondant icing and a dark colour is you can mix them together and create different shades which is going to give a really great effect to the cake.
So first of all you need to work the fondant icing in your hands until it's really soft and pliable. Remove what you need and keep the rest wrapped up to stop it drying out. Use a little corn flour to stop the fondant icing sticking to the board and I've put mine in a little muslin pouch for ease of use. And then you're ready to roll the fondant out and it needs to be rolled out 1mm to 2mm thick.
Place the garret frill cutter onto the fondant and press down to cut out the shape and remove the excess fondant. Take out the centre piece and ease out your shape. Use the modelling tool and roll it side to side to create a frill effect, working all the way round the edge.
Then make a cut in the fondant and open it out into a strip. So that's my first frill done and it's ready to attach to the cake. Now I'm going to use edible glue, you could use water, and what you're going to need to do is carefully turn over the frill, lightly brush the back and it's ready to attach to the cake. Just smooth down with your finger and keep repeating this process until the ruffles go all the way round the cake, going down in layers.
And as you can see, it's just a matter of taking your time and building up those layers. Practice definitely makes perfect: fondant ruffles.
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