How to make rosemary skewers

Video guide to making rosemary skewers 

Rosemary is an awesome herb and these rosemary skewers are so great on the barbecue. They add loads and loads of flavour and they make things really easy to get on and off. Let me show you how to make them.

Preparing the stalks

First thing you need is some rosemary stalks about six to eight inches long and what you want to do is look at where they go from being soft and green to where they go a bit woodier and you strip the leaves off with your fingers, like this.

Now, don't throw these away, because obviously they've got tons of flavour. Just pop them in a bag, here you go, with a bit of moist tissue, and put that in the fridge and it will last for about two weeks. You can use these to put on focaccia, sprinkle on lamb, go on the barbecue, anything. There's so much flavour in these so make the most of them.

So just to finish them off, all you need to do is cut the end at a slight diagonal so you've got a nice point. And what you do then is you thread any kind of meat, fish or vegetable, onto that and then just pop it onto the barbecue, delicious.

Threading prawns

What I've got here are some prawns that I've been marinating in chilli, garlic and loads of lovely olive oil and these work so well on the skewers. All you have to do is take the fat bit of the prawn and thread it onto the skewer and push it right up to the top. Get another one and just repeat the process until you've got, say three or four, on the skewer and then you can just pop them straight onto the barbecue. There's the last one, looking perfect. I've got a whole tray of them over here.

Just grab my tongs and put them on here, delicious. These will take about two to three minutes, each side, and the rosemary skewer will hold everything together perfectly.

Serve with pesto sauce

I'm going to serve them with a delicious fresh pea pesto. Prawns and peas, perfect summer food. So there you go, rosemary skewers will add loads of flavour to any summer barbecue.

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